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Updated: Apr 11

I love to read and I find that I have more time to do it when I'm not pouring poison down my neck, or dying of a hangover, laying on the sofa, watching 'Tiger King' on Netflix for the millionth time. Don't get me wrong, Tiger King is hugely entertaining, but so are some of these books (in a thankfully different way). Quit Lit is a term that refers to books about getting sober. They come in many different forms, from stories to self help, and often somewhere in between. I myself prefer ones with a bit of a story behind them and these are the ones I've picked as my absolute must reads!

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober

Catherine Gray

This was one of the 1st quit lit books I ever read and one that I have returned to on more than one occasion. I have to say that I think it's my favorite! Cath's story is very easy to relate to, from being a young professional working as a magazine journalist in London with a bright future and impressive prospects, to a struggling alcoholic. Her journey though recovery is an honest, uplifting and inspiring story for anyone who is thinking that it might be time to pack in the booze.

Sober Curious

Ruby Warrington

This is not just a book! Ruby has created so much around her 'Sober Curious' brand including an incredible podcast that I would definitely recommend. The book itself has a fab mix of narrative and self-help advice for those who want to become more mindful of their drinking, or quit all together. The book provides some excellent tips and techniques to curb drinking and is free from judgement when it comes to just how much you do decide to curb your drinking. It is bold, funny and uplifting in it's content and provides practical advice for everyone who is 'sober curious'.

The Sober Diaries

Claire Pooley

A great read, but one that I found more difficult to relate to myself. I think the reason for this is that I do not have children and much of the narrative of the book revolves around being a mum. Overlooking this though, the author manages to be witty and matter of fact whilst telling their story of taking a year out from drinking alcohol. The 'middle classed ness' of it all makes it entertaining when it comes to looking at peoples' attitudes towards drinking and peoples' attitudes towards others choosing not to drink.

Girl Walks Out Of A Bar

Lisa F. Smith

I love this book! Being from the UK I have to admit that I do generally prefer British authors, simply as I find them easier to relate to, but this is definitely an exception. Set in New York, we encounter quickly Lisa's rock bottom moment that lead to her entering rehab to get clean off of drugs and alcohol. She is a great story-teller who takes us through the trials and tribulations of her childhood experiences that lead to her toxic lifestyle and of course, her recovery story is fascinating. This often funny, no-nonsense account is a must read.

Happy reading everybody!