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Communities and Organisations

When many people think of communities and organisations that can aid in your quest to stop drinking, their mind turns immediately to AA. Whilst AA is undoubtedly a vital string in an enormous number of peoples' recovery bow, there are many more ways to find your own 'sober tribe'. Here are a few that I use...

Club Soda

This has been my number one, go to community during sober stints. The site has loads to peruse through including a blog, tips on mindful drinking or going completely AF, a podcast and even a shop selling AF merch. The group also organise alcohol free events up and down the UK, including meet-ups and events where manufacturers can showcase their alcohol free products so we can sample and buy! On the website, there is a fantastic page on some of these alcohol free products and where you can find them in pubs and restaurants, making going out easy for those who chose to stay sober. The site also has a link to buy tickets to the UK's best 'Wellness Rave', Morning Gloryville. For me though, the community that comes with Club Soda in the form of their Facebook page, Club Soda Together, is an absolute highlight. With over 14000 member, it is a private group that provides a 'safe space' for those who are struggling with their sobriety to reach out, ask questions or celebrate their sober time with one-another.

One Year NO Beer

This one, I have found, is good for keeping you on the wagon. My reasoning behind this is you do have to pay to sign up for the challenges. I personally feel that this fee is an investment in myself and MUCH less than I would be spending on wine anyway, so worth it, however it is understandable that paying for a program is not a viable option for everybody. You can sign up for a 28, 90 or 365 day challenge, with the option to upgrade to the next challenge at a discounted price once you have completed your challenge, in order to keep going if you so chose. I have signed up for the 365 day challenge and enjoy the daily e-mails and videos that arrive in my inbox every morning. Once you sign up, many resources are then open to you, including e-books that deal with (obviously) quitting alcohol, but also topics such as nutrition, diet and exercise during your sobriety. Again, the community has an excellent private Facebook group that is full of like-minded and supportive people.

The Alcohol Experiment

This site has originated from Annie Grace's fantastic books, 'The Alcohol Experiment' and 'This Naked Mind', both of which are really good reads. The Alcohol Experiment is free to sign up to and you receive daily e-mails for the 30 days that you embark on the experiment, plus you will have access to a wealth of resources on the site itself including blogs, videos and advice on quitting drinking. Like the other two, there is also access to a supportive and friendly private Facebook group, which has been an invaluable tool for many to discuss the challenges and highs of their own alcohol free journeys.

Finding a Tribe is something that I feel is so important. We live in a society that celebrates and encourages drink culture, so it can be difficult to find people who are choosing an AF lifestyle in your own social circles. Check some of these out!