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1 Month Down - What has changed in 30 days?

Tomorrow marks 30 days of sobriety which, quite ashamedly, is the longest that I have managed to go without a drink during my adult life! I'd never even made it through a 'Dry January' or an 'OctSober' without caving around about day 10! This is certainly a milestone that I am proud of, but what has actually changed?

Body Shape

Ok, I haven't exactly lost that pesky first stone in weight that I was hoping for (I think I have managed to drop 5 or 6 lbs which is not really a huge loss), but my body has definitely started to change shape. What is noticeable is how much flatter my tummy looks and how much more defined my facial features appear. Alcohol had a terrible bloating effect on me and seemingly this has subsided, at least giving the impression or a more significant weight loss which I'll take as a win!

Energy Levels

I literally spring out of bed at 4:30 am! Yes, I have always been an early riser, but it used to be for the purposes of needing to eat a bunch of crap in an attempt to stave off the hangover so that I could fall back into a comatose state an hour or two later. Now, I spend an hour journalling before going out for a run or practicing yoga as the sun comes up, then taking the dogs for a long walk. I have so much more energy for the whole day, which means I've been able to be more productive in every area of my life.


This has become one pf the most important weapons in my arsenal of staying sober. I've gone from barely being able to run 3 miles at a very steady pace of 11.5 minute miles, to running 6 miles at under 10 minute miles. You could argue that I've just committed more to running regularly than this being a direct effect of not drinking, but if I were still drinking there is absolutely no way that I would be able to run 4 times a week.

Improved Resting Heart-Rate

This one is a bit of a nice, unexpected surprise! My resting heart-rate has fallen from 60-70 bpm last month, to 50-60 bpm this month. I'm no medical expert, but I'm thinking this is a good thing?

Less Anxiety

I can honestly say that any anxiety that I was experiencing has been completely eradicated. To put a bit of context behind this, in case anyone is reading this much further in the future, we are currently at the peak of a global pandemic. I have not once woken up in the middle of the night feeling so worried about a situation that I am unable to control that I am unable to get back to sleep. I have not once had a panic attack or even felt one coming on. I have not once broken down in tears over work stress or any other stress for that matter. I feel so much more better equipped to deal with anything that comes my way!

30 days is still early days, but for me it is an amazing achievement. Acknowledging the positive changes that I can see in myself makes continuing on this journey easier and worthwhile. Here's to another 30 days, one day at a time.